Principal Calls 6-Year-Old ‘Honey Boo Boo’ on Facebook, Resigns Amid Outrage

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Most people would be better off if they were just a little bit more careful with what they posted on Facebook. This goes double for anyone in the public eye, especially if it’s your job to look after children. Actually, if I were an assistant principal, I’d just stay off Facebook. As a school administrator, what good could ever come from being on Facebook?

Ok, I know this is unreasonable. What’s not unreasonable is expecting principals to refrain from making fat jokes about 6-year-olds on Facebook.

In dude, come on news, an Oconee County, South Carolina high school principal has resigned after he posted a photo of a 6-year-old girl he took at a local WalMart with the caption “Honey Boo-Boo in WalMart.”

Well, not directly after posting the ill-advised “joke.” His resignation came after parents in his school district expressed their concerns.

Locals called Charles Fowler a “cyber-bully.”

“Cyber bullying by a school administrator, Charles Fowler, is unacceptable. His behavior calls into question his morals, judgement, professionalism, and his ability to function as an administrator within our school system. As parents, students, former students, citizens of Oconee County, or just decent human beings, we will not allow this type of behavior from a man appointed to lead the students at Walhalla High School,” said one angry resident on Facebook.

“Charles Fowler should be terminated immediately!!! His behavior should not be tolerated!!! He's nothing but a childish BULLY!!! Children endure enough from being bullied at school from other students but school administrators should surely know better!!! Some children even commit suicide from cyber bullying like this!!! You should be ashamed of yourself Charles Fowler!!! You owe this child an apology to say the least!!! GROW UP!!!,” said another.

Concerned citizens even started a petition to get Fowler fired-and it garnered hundreds of signatures.

According to WYFF, the little girl in the photo suffered ridicule after Fowler’s post, with students at her Kindergarten calling her “Honey Boo-Boo.”

“(Fowler) just picked her out in Wal-Mart and then wants to ridicule her and call her Honey Boo-Boo just because she's overweight. She's got health problems. I take her to the doctor for that,” said Thompson.  “He has devastated my family.  He has embarrassed us.”

The Oconee School district condemned Fowler’s actions, saying:

"The school district of Oconee County, both in policy and practice, prohibits harassment, intimidation, or bullying of any kind. Regrettably, a district employee made an inappropriate posting through social media that included a photograph of one of the district's students. The district does not condone this conduct and the individual who made the inappropriate posting has resigned. Any allegations of harassment, intimidation, or bullying are investigated fully by the district administration and addressed as appropriate. The district sincerely regrets the incident occurred."

WYFF reports that Fowler has resigned, but the school district is still “investigating” the incident.

Making fun of people in WalMart? Everyone does that–don’t you lie. Making fun of a little girl on Facebook, as a school administrator? Dude, you had to see this coming.

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