Princess Diana: Death Dossier Released to Public

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Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash almost seventeen years ago, but her death dossier which contained key information detailing the events that followed the crash, was just released to the public during the past few days. After five months of Freedom of Information requests on behalf of the Sunday People, U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May finally gave her approval for the information to be released.

The dossier was typewritten on three sheets of paper and featured 65 deletions. The list of names that did appear in the log had all been in the public domain since Diana's death, and included the Prince of Wales, Diana's sisters Sarah and Jane and France's then President Jacques Chirac. Officials says the other names were deleted to ensure the privacy of those individuals. These deletions are fueling even more speculation that a cover up about what really happened to Princess Diana is still ongoing--something Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi Fayed also died in the crash with Diana, has believed since the time of the crash.

"This is not an accident," he said in the early hours of August 31,1997, when he learned of the deaths of his son and Princess Diana. "It is a plot, an assassination."

In 2008, an inquest into Diana's death was informed that MI5 and MI6 agents had been operating at the British embassy in Paris when Diana died in the horrific car crash. A six-month inquest determined they died due to the gross negligence of Diana's driver, Henri Paul, who was speeding away from the paparazzi and was drunk at the time. Mohamed Al Fayed has long believed that the deaths were engineered by members of the royal family and agents of the British state because they wanted to prevent Princess Diana from marrying a Muslim.

The death dossier doesn't contain anything of interest whatsoever. It details the transfer of Princess Diana's body from a resuscitation area in the hospital emergency room to a private room. It tells of authorities informing the proper people, including the royal family, that Diana had been killed. French President Jacques Chirac and his wife both paid their respects at the hospital. Arrangements were made for Prince Charles to be transported to the hospital and view the body as well.

Even nearly seventeen years after her death there seem to be two trains of thought regarding the death of Princess Diana. One says she died in a tragic accident as her driver and good friend sped away from the relentless paparazzi. The second theory indicates she was murdered. The recently released death dossier doesn't lend itself specifically to either theory and in fact doesn't provide much information about the accident. However, those deletions from the three sheets of paper that comprise the death dossier do raise some questions and the omission of people's names lends itself to the murder theory more so than to the accidental death theory. What other reason might there be for those 65 deletions?

What do you think happened to Princess Diana? Were you among those who watched television late into the night that fateful Labor Day Weekend (in the U.S.) and heard the tragic news that the 'People's Princess' had died?

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