Prince of Persia Versus The Real World


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How many of you have dreamed of living in a video game world? Or, perhaps taking aspects from your video game and converting it to real life? Considering the current popularity of Skyrim, if that happened now, there'd be a helluva lot of dragons flying around.

Let's say, however, the game you wanted to bring to life was classic 2-D side scroller, from an age when pixels ruled the day? If you're name is Karahat, and you live in Israel, you might make a Prince of Persia real-life homage, complete with the pixilated head and arms to capture the look and feel, almost perfectly.

Take a look:

The two minute, twenty second gem of a video captures the classic charm of the 1989 classic, going well beyond a mere pixilated mask for the main character to wear. The editing provides the necessary feel from that classic era of gaming, and the soundtrack makes for the perfect topper to this excellent piece of user-generated content.

Unfortunately, there isn't much information about the video's creator. If you have any additional information concerning Karahat, feel free to share. Until then, enjoy the incredibly creative video he uploaded.

Hat-tip to Dueling Analogs for point this out.