Prince Guested in an Episode of 'New Girl'


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The Super Bowl wasn't the only program viewers were tuning into. The one and only Prince guest-starred in Fox's hit comedy series New Girl. The well-advertised episode aired directly after the Super Bowl.

While the Purple One only guested on the show, it was confirmed the very talented musician is quite the fan of the sitcom.

On the show Prince does in fact play himself and dishes out a little love advice to Jess (Zoey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson.)

Not only did Prince do a fabulous job acting, he (of course) showed off his music chops, too. On the show, Prince debuted new song, "PretzelBodyLogic."

The song will appear on his upcoming album, "Plectrum Electrum" which is expected to drop sometime in 2014.

Image ViaYouTube