Prince Drops Linking Lawsuit Against Fans

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You know how Prince is actively suing his fans for posting links on their blogs and Facebook pages that point other fans in the direction of his music?

Well, apparently he thought about it and decided to go another route.

TMZ reports that the 55-year-old actor/musician has dropped the lawsuit, just days after news of it went public.

Just a couple weeks ago, Prince filed a suit in the Northern District of California, naming 22 defendants who posted links to various concerts (some locations contained torrent downloads) on their Facebook pages and personal blogs. The lawsuit asked for $1 million from each link-sharer.

The lawsuit didn't come as a huge shock to those familiar with Prince's history of going after what he deems as unlawful content sharing on the internet.

As we previously noted, the Prince suit was filed in the same place where a previous ruling stated that linking is not direct copyright infringement. In the case of Perfect 10, Inc. v., Inc. the court decided that posting a link is not the same thing as actually hosting the content yourself.

But according to TMZ, the suit is dropped but not dead. It's been let go without prejudice, which means that Prince has the ability to refile in the future. It looks like the bad press may have influenced the Purple Rain star to at least delay the suit.

Now, let's see what happens with the somewhat similar Tarantino link-suit.

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