Presidential Sugar Daddy Poll: Obama Can Dance, Romney is Just Vanilla

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A President sugar daddy poll seems a little weird to me. Okay, okay -- extremely weird. Do I care which presidential candidate is considered desirable by men and women who are looking to be pampered by successful individuals? Will their thoughts and feelings be taken into consideration when it's time to cast my vote? Of course not. Then again, I'm sure this so-called "poll" was done in fun, and I'm almost positive I'll be accused of being a turd or a stick in the mud for shaking my head at the whole thing. In this case, that's a label I'm willing to live with., a website devoted to helping sugar babies find their sugar daddies, asked 30,000 women the following question: Which candidate would you want for a sugar daddy? Obama was the clear winner, beating Romney 3 to 1 on a national level. Although the Republican hopeful has a much bigger bank account than the President, women seemed to gravitate more towards Obama thanks to his overall sexiness. Good to know.

According to the site, President ranked very high compared to Romney, who was considered "vanilla" by those who participated in the poll. Obama, meanwhile, was praised for his dance moves, his trustworthiness, and, last but not least, his sense of humor. Of course, there are those who weren't impressed with either candidate; nearly 43 percent stated they wouldn't choose either one. Maybe they're holding out for Rand Paul.

Brandon Wade, who created, thinks this poll helps shed some much-needed light on the reality behind his clients and their controversial lifestyle.

"While many unfairly stereotype sugar babies as gold-diggers who would gladly accept any wealthy man as their sugar daddy, our survey shows the contrary," Wade explained in a statement. "Sugar babies are extremely picky about the men they date."

So if you're struggling with who to vote for this November, remember one thing: Dance moves are insanely important when running a country.

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