Powerball Winner Of Colorado's Largest Jackpot Ever Plans To "Have Fun"

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Winning 90 million dollars in the Powerball lottery can change a person's life. On Sunday, someone in Colorado claimed a prize of that size and made history for lottery in Colorado, at least for a little while. 90 million dollars is the most that has ever been won through any lottery in Colorado.

The public had no idea who that person was on Sunday when the story was first reported by the Associated Press. We knew the jackpot was the highest ever won in the state. We knew the numbers of the winning ticket were 3, 12, 31, 34, 51, and the Powerball number of 24. We knew the ticket was purchased a Kum & Go convenience store in Rifle, CO. The store was expected to receive a 50,000 dollar commission. After taxes, the winner would take home approximately 54.9 million dollars of the 90 million dollar jackpot.

There was also another, smaller winner who claimed a one million dollar prize, but their identity was quickly overshadowed by the identity of the grand prize winner: Claude "Al" G.

The Denver Post reported the winner didn't want to give his full last name, so instead he just gave the initial G. What does "G." plan to do with the money? "Have fun" was his answer, but traveling also seems to rank high on his list.

Claude "Al" G. works as a truck driver and said he may have to keep his job "to keep from going completely crazy." He recently celebrated his 33rd wedding anniversary, and plans to take a second honeymoon with his wife, Jackie.

The previous record lottery winner from Colorado was Kim Walker, of Boulder, according to the Denver Channel. She claimed a 27 million dollar prize in 1992. Since then, she moved to Steamboat Springs and has been teaching figure skating.

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