Powdered Alcohol Not Approved After All

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Ever wish you could turn water into alcohol? With new powdered alcohol, you can. The powdered alcohol is called Palcohol and is made by an Arizona company called Lipsmark. The powered alcohol comes in six different flavors and convenient packages. If you decide you need a drink, just add the powdered alcohol to some water and in seconds you have yourself a mixed drink or cocktail.

The powder can also be added to milk, fruit juices and other beverages if desired and can even be sprinkled over food. It is the same as any other type of liquor, just in powder form and is safe and fun to use.

Powdered alcohol is not yet available in the US, but the company is working hard to change that. Earlier this week, several varieties of Palcohol labels were approved on accident. The company was excited when they found out the label had been approved, but was later disappointed to find that the approval was issued in error.

The company wasn't the only one disappointed by the mistake and many people who were looking forward to trying the new powder as well as those who thought it was a bad idea in the first place, voiced their opinions on Twitter.


Lipsmark turned over their approved labels a few hours after being notified of the error, but were not happy about the mistake. The company plans to make some changes to their labels and then resubmit them to be approved again. There is no clear time frame for how long it could take for the labels to be approved, but the company is hoping no other mistakes will be made during the process this time around.

If and when the labels are approved, the powdered alcohol packets will be available in six varieties including vodka, rum and four cocktails, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita and Lemon Drop.

The company founder, Mark Phillips, says that the powdered alcohol was designed for people who are active or on the go often but still like to enjoy alcoholic beverages. It will only be available to people who are the legal drinking age.

Do you think the powdered alcohol labels will be approved this time around?

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