Posen Shooting: Man Attacks Couple, Killed By Police

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A domestic dispute occurred on Friday afternoon, resulting in three people being shot and two deaths. In south suburban Posen, a man attacked his ex-girlfriend killed her new boyfriend, before being shot dead by the police. The ex-boyfriend was reportedly hiding in a garage down the street when police found and killed him. The officers on the scene were not aware of who the attacker was and thought that there could be more than one gunman, as they patrolled the alleys and yards with automatic weapons and prepared for a standoff.

Just days before, an out of control woman near the nation's capitol went out of control breaking through a barrier, and was killed by police. Yesterday, in Posen, an upset relative tried to get information on the victim, her cousin-Jenna Sammons. A different relative reports that Sammons had been attacked by her ex-boyfriend earlier in the day. The gunman has been identified as 28 year old Sherman T. Threets, and was declared dead at Ingalls Memorial Hospital. He was shot dead by a Blue Island police officer.

Sammons, the surviving victim's condition has not been released, but she is being treated at a a local hospital. The incident happened at her home of the 14500 block on South Campbell Avenue, after the couple had returned home. State police said they were investigating, since the shooting involved an officer, reports the Chicago Tribune. In addition to the State Police, the South Suburban Major Crime Task Force were investigating the case.

Several neighbors also saw the event take place, as the police surrounded the scene. Judy Daehn-Hartwig, 59, said she was headed out to her garage around 11 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. when she saw a cop holding a rifle in the driveway next door. She was startled when the officer asked if she had seen anyone running in her direction, and immediately told him no and ran into her house. Moments later, she heard the shots and gave a statement after the incident saying, "I'm nervous about it. I'm uptight." Before all of the events happened, Sammons was returning from the hospital after being attacked by Threets with a screwdriver, being struck at least once as she tried to escape in a car, states ABC News.

The neighbors and relatives are shocked at the events that happened, since this is normally a very safe neighborhood and Threets does not appear to have a history of being violent toward Sammons.

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