Portia de Rossi: Is There A Baby On The Way?


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Is Portia de Rossi and her wife Ellen DeGeneres expecting a new bundle of joy?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Although the couple has revealed in the past that they do not want children, for some reason tabloids continue to get their fans hopes up that they might be starting a family.

During Portia's recent appearance on Ellen's talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she once again cleared up the baby rumors.

"One of the main things that everybody's asking me about and asking you about, and I thought I would let you clear it up is if we're having a baby or not," DeGeneres told de Rossi.

"It would be so fun for everybody if we were," Portia replied. "Did you see it says, 'They're finally starting a family'? Are people really that mad at us?"

Many of the couple's fans, including Ellen's assistant, believe that they are expecting but are just choosing not to tell anyone. "They want us to have a baby," Ellen said. "My assistant asked if I was keeping something from him because it's so prevalent and everyone assumes we really are having a baby and we're just not sharing it. So we might be having a baby and we're just not sharing it."

"This is just one big act, ya know. That'd be pretty clever of us," de Rossi said. "But we're not having a baby. Or are we?" she added. "We're not."

The couple tied the knot in 2008, and have always been adamant about their desire to not have children. “You have to really want to have kids, and neither of us did,” Portia said in a 2013 interview. “So it’s just going to be me and Ellen and no babies.”