Pope Francis Auctioning Off Harley for Charity

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Pope Francis is auctioning off his personal Harley-Davidson in support of organizations that support the homeless. Earlier this year, Francis was presented with the bike, after blessing hundreds of Harleys and their owners in St. Peter's Square.

Proceeds from the auction will go to a Roman hostel and soup kitchen.

Pope Francis is known for his affinity towards a more toned-down mode of papal living - he's moved into a Vatican guesthouse, and doesn't ride around in a tricked-out Mercedes popemobile. During a recent trip to Brazil, he was driven in a Fiat, and has been seen in Fords and Volkswagons.

Regarding his Brazil trip, it's said that up to 2 million people showed up on Rio's Cocacabana beach to hear Francis speak.

As a side note, while Pope Francis beat out The Rolling Stones, who only drew a crowd of 1.5 million at Cocacabana in 2006, no one can touch Rod Stewart, who brought out 3.5 million in 1994.

According to the National Catholic Register, the Pope doesn't like seeing priests or nuns riding around in new cars, and is said to have preferred public transportation, while still a Cardinal. “If you like that beautiful car, think about how many children are dying of hunger,” Francis said.

Enrico Feroci, director of the Roman charity that the Harley auction will benefit, said in a statement, “It is a precious gift that has once again made us happy in feeling the closeness of our bishop to the poor of the Church of Rome. We are deeply grateful to Pope Francis for this," he said at a recent press conference.

In related news, Harley-Davidson has just issued a voluntary recall for some of their 2014 touring motorcycles. Owners have been issued a Do Not Ride notice while the dealers have received a Do Not Deliver notice.

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