Popcorn Time: Awesome But Illegal


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Do you love watching movies on Netflix but are tired of the poor selection and cost? You aren't alone, many people share the same frustrations and while a lot of people download and watch movies online, a new app has made it easier than ever.

Popcorn Time is the name of a movie streaming app that allows users to sort through videos easily. Many users claim that the app is better than Netflix because it offers a lot more movie options, is easier to use and navigate, and is of course free.

Popcorn Time seems perfect in every way and is a movie lover's dream come true. There is only one problem, the app is illegal. Popcorn Time creators say that they do not allow copyrighted material to be shown, but users have found that that is not true.

While most people are not willing to risk a large fine or jail time just to watch movies online for free, the problem with the app is that it is so well made and easy to use that it doesn't feel illegal and many people are using it without realizing that what they are doing is wrong.

The app was released about a month ago but has only recently taken off in popularity. It works with the torrent downloading program Bit Torrent and conveniently organizes all of a user's downloaded movies to make them easy to sort through and find.

The most interesting thing about the new app is that is makes illegal downloading not only appealing, but normal. More people will use Popcorn Time than other more obvious illegal download sites and most of them will never think twice about it.

Have you used the Popcorn Time app?

Image via Wikimedia Commons