Pop-Tarts: New Flavors Include Peanut Butter

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As the most-requested flavor of Pop-Tart, peanut butter has long awaited its time in the spotlight. Now is that time.

The makers of the popular breakfast pastry, Kellogg, announced this week that they will indeed be selling peanut butter Pop-Tarts and chocolate-frosted peanut butter Pop-Tarts in order to appease their fans. The new additions will come in gold-foil wrappers in an orange box to distinguish them from the other flavors, most likely so that parents can avoid food allergies.

This is actually the second time Pop-Tarts have had a peanutty-flavor; in 1986 they introduced a peanut butter-and-jelly version. It didn't do so well, but I'm betting this latest incarnation will do just fine. No word yet on whether the flavor will be a permanent addition to the line or if it's a limited-time item.

"Peanut butter has long been the most requested flavor by our fans," Pop-Tarts marketing director Dick Podiak said in a release. "We think everyone will agree it was worth the wait once they taste these delicious new varieties."

There are some limited edition flavors rolling out this week, too, including WildBerry and red velvet. Not all stores will carry them, but you can head over to the Pop-Tarts site to check out the selection.

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