Poor Leo: Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Loss Makes for Meme Fun


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One man's misery is apparently another man's fun, as evidenced by the response to actor Leonardo DiCaprio losing out on yet another Oscar. The Wolf of Wall Street actor was nominated for Best Actor only to lose to Dallas Buyers Club star Matthew McConaughey. This is the fourth time DiCaprio has been nominated in either the Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor category only to go home with a loss. While a few fans were quick to reach out to DiCaprio and offer their condolences on Twitter, others decided to have fun and #PoorLeo was born.

So, what does one do when a great actor loses out on the highest level of achievement in his field yet again? Create GIFs and memes, of course. The hashtag #PoorLeo quickly went viral after the Best Actor announcement on Sunday night, and the top trend lasted well into Monday. Even though some of the fire has died down a little, people are still getting their jollies with the Poor Leo fun.

Check out the GIF one enterprising individual put together featuring DiCaprio and McConaughey:


A couple of posters used a seemingly unrelated event to poke fun at DiCaprio's misery. Remember the Ellen DeGeneres selfie from the Academy Awards that pretty much everyone retweeted? It made Twitter history being the most retweeted post ever.

As you'll notice, DiCaprio is nowhere to be found in the group of celebrities, which prompted these little gems:

Here are a few other Poor Leo memes. You can find more by searching for the hashtag #PoorLeo on Twitter.

Even though not winning an Oscar again had to sting for DiCaprio, he was a graceful loser and quick to offer McConaughey his congratulations and a quick embrace. Maybe next year, Leo.

Images via Wikimedia Commons, Tumblr