Polaroid Announces New Q Tablets Ahead Of CES


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When you think Android tablets, do you ever think of Polaroid? No? Well, you might want to keep an eye out for Polaroid this year as it debuts a new line of Android tablets at CES 2014.

Polaroid announced today that it will debut the Q7, Q8 and Q10 tablets at CES next week. As the names imply, these are 7, 8 and 10-inch tablets that will appeal to the cost conscious consumers that want decent specs for an affordable price.

So, what can we expect from Polaroid's new Q tablet line? The company isn't saying much yet, but it claims that all three have "super fast quad-core processors." Even better, all three will come with Android 4.4 so consumers are going to get a good experience out of the box.

“Tablets are changing the way consumers use and share their favorite media and memories, and Polaroid’s robust line of tablets is allowing more consumers to share with on-the-go convenience,” said Polaroid President and CEO Scott W. Hardy. “Our Q Series provides consumers with super-fast quad core processing speeds allowing for faster performance and less wait times when watching movies, or playing games. In addition the Q series’ sleek design and affordable price point make it a great choice.”

In what may be the biggest surprise, Polaroids new Q tablets are incredibly affordable. The Q7 will retail for $129, the Q8 will retail for $149 and the Q10 will retail for $179. All three will be available in spring 2014.

In other Polaroid news, the company announced that it will show off a new 50-inch smart TV and 50-inch 4K Ultra HDTV at CES. Both will be incredibly affordable with the smart TV retailing for $599 and the 4K TV retailing for $999.

Image via fonearena