PlayStation Mobile Launches For Vita and Android


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PlayStation Mobile, Sony's new mobile game store that it announced at E3, officially launched today. The store can be accessed through a PlayStation Vita or through "PlayStation Certified" devices using the PlayStation Store. PlayStation fans in the U.S., Japan, Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia will be able to access the service today, with Sony stating that more countries will follow.

For PlayStation Vita owners, a new tab will appear in the store on their devices. Android users who are able to use the PlayStation Mobile for Android app will also see PlayStation Mobile after they have updated the app. Unfortunately for most Android smartphone users, the only "PlayStation Certified" Android devices are currently Sony tablets and smartphones, mostly Xperia ones. Sony does hint that HTC's 'One' lineup of phones, including the HTC One X, will be certified in the near future, though.

The new mobile store launches with 21 titles including racing, sports, and puzzle games. All games in the PlayStation Mobile store are touch-screen enabled and feature on-screen "virtual" DualShock controller controls. Luckily, those with a PlayStation Vita or Xperia Play smartphone will be able to play using their devices' button controls.

A mobile store specifically dedicated to gaming is a good idea, and one that could take off if Sony can get developers on-board. Sony also announced today that the PlayStation Mobile SDK will be available starting in November. Still, even if it has the best mobile games around, PlayStation Mobile won't take off unless it spreads to phones and tablets other than Sony's.