PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita Holiday Bundle a Possibility

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As nice a handheld console as the PlayStation Vita undoubtedly is, Sony simply hasn't been able to get the devices into the hands of consumers. Not in the way Nintendo has been able to with its DS and 3DS handhelds, anyway. To get the PS Vita the market share Sony feels its deserves, the company might have to get creative with its marketing.

In an interview with Computer and Video Games (CVG), Fergal Gara, managing director for UK & Ireland at Sony Computer Entertainment, stated that bundling the Vita with the PlayStation 3 might not be out of the question.

CVG asked Gara about Sony's strategy of combining services and features across the Vita and PlayStation 3, and whether that would mean a combo or bundle package in the future. He answered by saying Sony would "have nothing against that." He went on to say that it is "not out of the question" that Sony might offer such a package for this Christmas.

Sony this summer already bragged that it thinks the PlayStation 3/Vita combo is better than the Wii U console. That does, of course, require that gamers purchase both systems and that they play games that are cross-play enabled - an expensive proposition when compared to the Wii U. Also, after Nintendo's official Wii U announcement, it's clear that Nintendo's GamePad will do more than simply act as a controller.

(via BGR)

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