Pizza Hut's Xbox App Is Here to Keep You Firmly Planted on the Couch

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What would have once seemed ridiculous now sounds completely logical - and better yet, smart. Pizza Hut and Microsoft have partnered up to put a Pizza Hut app on the Xbox 360.

According to Polygon, the new app will become available to download today, Tuesday April 23rd, and will even offer discounted pizza on first purchases using the app up until May 6th.

The app works a lot like Pizza Hut's mobile ordering apps. Users will be able to build their own pizzas, and select anything off the menu (wings, breadsticks, drinks, whatever). Of course, the Xbox-twist on the app is that everything should work well with Kinect motion and voice control.

Once users link their Xbox LIVE and Pizza Hut accounts, they can save custom orders for quicker pizza shopping later. There's also Facebook integration, if you're the kind of person who wants to share with your friends that you just purchased a giant sausage pizza from your Xbox while playing Bioshock Infinite in your boxers. Maybe you are that kind of person, I don't judge.

"We're always looking at ways to give our audience more of what they're interested in," said Xbox's Larry Hryb. "If you look at our audience, they love pizza. I mean, who doesn't? It has international appeal, and Pizza Hut is a recognized brand that matches up well with the Xbox brand."

Can you order pizza online via your smartphone or laptop? Sure you can. And yeah, there's also that thing called a a phone call that involves talking to humans. But is a Pizza Hut app on Xbox LIVE useful and smart? Of course it is.

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