Pizza Delivery Goes WAY Wrong: Man Gets Robbed At Gunpoint Of $23 Worth Of Pizza

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A pizza delivery man found himself face-to-face with a loaded weapon when he attempted to make a delivery in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Though it's not unusual for pizza delivery guys to get involuntarily relieved of their cash, the circumstances of this particular robbery were rather unusual.

It seems that someone out there wanted pizza.

REALLY wanted pizza.

Apparently this person lacked the cash necessary to pay for it.

Undeterred, the famished young man called up the local pizza place and ordered. Altogether, the food ordered reportedly cost about $23.

When the delivery person arrived at the address, a young man described as in his early twenties answered the door.

He was armed with a handgun.

The would-be pizza thief demanded that the delivery man hand over the food.

Rather than comply, the delivery guy turned and ran as far away from the customer and his gun as possible.

Shortly after fleeing, the pizza delivery man contacted the authorities.

The Tauranga police responded and the attempted robber was taken into custody at about 11:00 pm

Following the incident, an official was left to guard the scene after the gunman was taken away for questioning.

The police interrogation will no doubt include questions as to how he thought he was going to get away with relieving a pizza delivery man of $23 worth of food after calling the man to his home address.

It certainly seemed like one of those ideas that somehow seemed good, but then the application left something to be desired.

This is actually not the most bizarre pizza-related robbery incident around.

Some may remember the story of Brian Wells, a pizza delivery man who robbed a bank with an explosive device tied around his neck.

The device later exploded, killing him.

Wells had claimed that he was forced to rob the bank by someone who put a bomb around his neck.

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