Pitt House Sold For Incredible Profit By Talk Show Host

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Brad Pitt's former Malibu place--which he bought just after his split with Jennifer Anniston--has just sold for a whopping $13 million, which netted a nice chunk of change to the tune of a cool million for the most recent owners: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

Pitt, who has formed a friendship with the talk show host in recent years--bonding over their mutual love for New Orleans and even working on projects together there--sold the home to DeGeneres less than a year ago, and DeGeneres and her wife have made several changes and renovations to the property in order to flip it. The comedienne is no stranger to house-flipping; she recently did the same thing with Ryan Seacrest, turning over her Beverly Hills home for around $37 million.

Amanda Crum
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