Pitbull Puppy Dragged By Truck For Being "Aggressive"

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A Kentucky man faces charges after he tied a neighbor's pitbull to the back of his truck and dragged him along the road.

The man, who hasn't been identified, said he did it because the dog was "aggressive" and killed one of his cats. The owners of the pitbull--whose name is Bear--say that's ridiculous.

"He's around this baby. He's around a tiny little dog. He's around ducks every day. I don't believe that he's vicious at all," said Lydia Burch.

Waylon Burch, who has had Bear since he was "no bigger than a shoe", said he was appalled that someone would do such a thing to an innocent dog.

"I went in, and I seen him just sitting there, just pouting, and got blood running down him... and it was Bear," he said. "It was like seeing one of my children. It was like seeing my son in that state. It was terrible."

Bear spent some time in a nearby animal hospital recovering and has roadrash on his stomach and paws; the Burch family says he's slowly getting over a limp. As for the suspect, Waylon Burch says he hopes to see him go to jail or, at the very least, have to pay for Bear's medical expenses.

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