Pippa Middleton To Give First TV Interview

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Pippa Middleton will appear on NBC's Today show next week with Matt Lauer in her first-ever televised interview. Middleton, sister to the Duchess of Cambridge and possessor of an internet famous derrière, has never before spoken on her royal sister or her own notoriety.

"We talked a lot in just the last hour about this great bike event she did across America, money she raised for two really great charities and we are also going to hear about what is like to be Pippa Middleton” said Lauer, who travelled to London for the interview.

According to reports, the interview will focus on her recent 3,000 mile charity bike ride across the US for Bike For America. And if I know Matt Lauer (I don't), he will also step entirely out of bounds and mention the tight Alexander McQueen dress that catalyzed her backside's superstardom.

Rumors are flying that her interview on NBC is a precursor to a job offer with the network, similar to Chelsea Clinton's position as a presenter for special segments. Middleton's past positions include party planning, authoring a book on party planning, and writing for Vanity Fair.

As her pieces for Vanity Fair are practically unintelligible, perhaps it's best Pippa tries her hand at a new career. Unfortunately, NBC has flat-out denied the rumors. "This is 100 percent not true and it seems anyone suggesting otherwise is ‘royally’ jealous” said an NBC spokesperson who really, really wanted to make a pun.

The interview is set to air in two segments on Monday and Tuesday of next week and it has been stated by many reputable news outlets that we can expect nervous giggling, a nice white blouse, and brilliant jokes about bikes.

Most importantly, we will get some answers about "what it's like to be Pippa Middleton." FINALLY.

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