Piper Perabo Kicks Off "Covert Affairs" Season 5


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The first episode of Covert Affairs premiered yesterday. For those of you who are just coming into the series, you may not want to read this article because of spoilers. For those of you who saw it, you're probably tired of constantly hearing spoiler warnings.

TV Guide wasn't so shy when it came down to revealing what happened last season. Characters died, some came back to work, and new missions were undertaken. There was also a memorable scene with a character on the beach with some unanswered questions. Executive producer Matt Corman said of the scene "and her secret and time [on the beach] are related to what's going on with her health. That's the question: What is going on here? That's what we want people to say after they see it."

The character in question, Annie Walker, is played by rising star Piper Perabo. And Perabo is having a blast. “We went from a mission of the week in the first season to an agent with five years of experience who is always evolving. Now, Annie has a superhero quality that at times borders on fantasy because she’s so good,” she told the Charlotte Observer.

As usual for action TV shows and movies, the main action girl performs a lot of her stunts in high heels. Extra TV managed to track Piper Perabo down to ask her how she manages to accomplish these amazing tasks. To see her answer, check out her answer below:

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Last year, Piper Perabo got engaged to one of the directors of "Covert Affairs" Stephen Kay. But they still managed to maintain their working relationship. “As a woman who has a sort of high-powered job myself, I know how complicated a relationship can be even if it’s with somebody you’re working with,” She said, adding, “I think it’s also an interesting thing to explore especially if your partner is also in a high-powered stressful job and how do you kind of manage that and keep it romantic and spontaneous.”

Image via CovertAffairsOnUSA's channel, YouTube.