Pinkman: The Breaking Bad/Seinfeld Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

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Did you hear about the Breaking Bad spinoff that's set to air when AMC's landmark series finally goes off the air next year? Don't worry, it looks like it'll be much more lighthearted than Breaking Bad itself, as it stars everyone's favorite purveyor of the word "bitch," Jesse Pinkman.

Ok, this isn't real. But I'd watch a sitcom staring Jesse, wouldn't you?

This season of Breaking Bad has been difficult to watch. It's not only nerve-wracking, but it has included some of the most painful moments I've ever seen in moving pictures. And I've watched some some seriously messed up stuff. And, like last week's Breaking Bad/Mentos ad mashup, this parody video take some heavy subject matter from the most awkward scene from last week's episode and makes it funny.

Kind of.

Check it out below [mild spoilers, maybe]:

[h/t HuffPo]
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