Pink Floyd Coming to Spotify as Soon as We Stream 'Wish You Were Here' 1 Million Times

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If you love Pink Floyd and want to see their entire catalog come to Spotify - there's something you gotta do. No, don't worry - it's not that hard. All you have to do is go listen to one of the band's most timeless songs, "Wish You Were Here."

And as soon as that play count hits 1 million, Spotify says that they'll unlock it all. The whole catalog. If you know anything about Pink Floyd and their often adversarial relationship with internet music, you'll see that this is a pretty big deal.

Spotify announced the promotion on Twitter:

Spotify did just start putting play counts on tracks alongside embeddable top-track charts - but there doesn't seem to be an available play count on the Pink Floyd page. Some on reddit put the number at over 800,000 - but I'm not seeing it.

As of 9:00 am EST on Friday, the only song that appears on Pink Floyd's Spotify page is "Wish You Were Here" - so either Spotify is slow on the take or the 1 millionth stream hasn't happened yet. Either way, go do your part. There could be worse things than having to listen to one of the best songs in rock n' roll history.


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