Pink Fan Arrested for 'Bomb' Tweet Before Concert, Turns Out to Be Song Reference

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Be careful what you tweet - you know, that 140-character limit oftentimes forces you to get creative. Just make sure that you double check your tweets to make sure they couldn't be construed to mean something that you didn't intend.

Basically, try to avoid tweeting the words "bomb" and "blow up" right before you're set to attend a giant concert. That oughta help you out.

One Australian teen learned this the hard way, as he was arrested and booted from a Pink concert after authorities were alerted to a suspicious tweet he had made prior to the show.

Here's that tweet, which has since been deleted:


"‘They just came up to me and showed a photo and said ‘is this you?’. I said yeah, because it was my face, and suddenly they just turned me around and grabbed my hands and forced me out the back," the boy told the Sydney Morning Herald.

But apparently, it was all just one big misunderstanding. You see, the tweet was really just a reference to the Pink song "Timebomb."

"It was meant to be about drop the effects, the music, everything - just drop it all," said the kid.

He says he just shortened the "Timebomb" reference to "bomb."

Over aggressive action from the local authorities? Maybe. Then again, the kid did say that he had a bomb ready and that he was going to blow up Rod Laver Arena.

Should've seen that one coming, my friend. Let's spread the blame around. In the future, refrain from tweeting about blowing up concert venues. Also, police should just listen to more Pink. Those two actions should prevent this from happening again.

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