Pileups Close Down Portions of PA Turnpike


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Slippery roads in eastern Pennsylvania lead to pileups that shut down portions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Thursday, resulting in several injuries but no fatalities.

Turnpike officials reported that roughly 35 vehicles were involved in related accidents, which caused a 4-mile backup on westbound lanes near Morgantown and Reading, situated about 50 miles west of Philadelphia. Turnpike wrecks sent roughly 10 people to area hospitals, and state police report that between 25 and 30 vehicles piled up on Interstate 78, which closed 5 miles of westbound lanes.

The I-78 wrecks sent 25 drivers to hospitals, with one being airlifted, and 44 others were treated at the scene. Both I-78 and the PA Turnpike have since been cleared and traffic is moving along.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is a toll highway operated by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, and was opened on October 1, 1940. It spans 360 miles across the state, and incorporates seven tunnels built for the abandoned South Pennsylvania Railroad in the 1880's. The highway runs east to west through the state, connecting the Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia areas.

Tolls were waived for motorists who were redirected to exit at Downingtown Interchange, after traffic backed up at Morgantown for several miles. Motorists stuck in the backup Thursday afternoon also had their tolls waived at the Morgantown Interchange.

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