Pikmin 3 Is Getting A Christmas Themed Level


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What does Christmas mean to you? Perhaps it's the time you spend with family, or just a week away from work. For others, it's all about the presents. With some upcoming DLC for Pikmin 3, a select few can even say it means commanding an army of plant like creatures.

Last month, Nintendo revealed that it would be releasing some new DLC stages for Pikmin 3 just in time for the holidays. While most of the DLC takes place in the environments that you would normally expect from Pikmin, Nintendo has decided to add a level with a little festive flair just in time for the holidays.

In the trailer below, you'll get to see some of the new environments Nintendo has in store for Pikmin 3, including a free level called the Fortress of Festivity. This level is available to every player that updates their game to the latest version. It has players scrounging around a house in the midst of a Christmas celebration looking for food and defeating monsters.

Nintendo says that all three mission mode packs are now available in the Nintendo eShop. The Collect Treasure stages 7-10 costs $1.99, the Battle Enemies stages 7-10 costs $1.99, and the All-New Mission stages 12-15 costs $4.99.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]