Picasso Piece Could Be Yours For $136

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Pablo Picasso's work has become so iconic that only a rare few can afford to own one of his original pieces, but now, thousands of lucky art lovers have the chance to take home one of his cubist works for just $136, and it's for a good cause.

Picasso's grandson, Olivier, says the piece--a work from 1914 titled "The Man With The Opera Hat"--will be raffled off in a fundraising effort to aid the International Association to Save Tyre, a Lebonese city listed as a World Heritage site. Olivier says his grandfather would have loved being a part of something that would afford him the chance to help so many.

"He was a helpful person, very generous, giving money around him during many difficult times," Picasso said. "My grandfather was a pioneer, he was happy to be the first in every kind of situation."

The fundraiser is called "1 Picasso For 100 Euros", and only 50,000 tickets will be available. The winner will be announced in December at Sotheby's in Paris. French journalist Peri Cochin, who has a long history with the Tyre project, said that the opportunity to involve such an iconic work by a revered artist is incredible.

"It's a dream. So many people would love to have a Picasso and will never be able to afford it, so it's really a dream that could come true," she said. "If you win it and you don't want to keep it, of course you can sell it."

The work is valued at around $800,000, so it's hard to say which would be more tempting: the windfall, or owning a rare piece of art by a renowned master.

Image: Skynews

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