Philadelphia Is The First City To Ban 3D Printed Guns


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The emergence of a 3D printed gun earlier this year added another layer of complexity to the gun control debate that's embroiled the country since the Sandy Hook shooting. While some have called for the ban of 3D printed guns, there's been no legislation until now.

Philadelphia Magazine reports that Philadelphia is the first American city to ban the production of 3D printed guns. While the city hasn't been known for 3D printed guns, the city's Public Safety Committee doesn't want to take any chances.

"You can use certain types of plastics and certain types of other material to replicate anything," said Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. "What will happen if someone used one of these 3-D printers on a personal use, which we are seeing now, to create an actual firearm? That could be something that's catastrophic." notes that previous attempts to pass gun control laws in Philadelphia have been struck down as state law trumps city law. The city council is confident that won't happen this time as the state laws only cover the ownership and sale of firearms. This new ban on 3D printed guns specifically covers the manufacture of firearms, and they feel that the city ordinance will be upheld in court if challenged.

Despite one city passing a law, it's probably not going to have any effect on the nation at large. As such, development of 3D printed firearms will continue. Since the first Liberator was made earlier this year, individuals and companies alike have come forward with new designs, including a 3D printed rifle and a 3D printed handgun made entirely of metal.

[h/t: 3ders] [Image: MrCensorMe2/YouTube]