Phil Robertson Blames The Beatniks And The Hippies For STDs, Receives Award From Conservative Group

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is at it again. Robertson has been in hot water in the past because of his controversial views on race and homosexuality. While mainstream media has chastised him for his comments, it turned him into a conservative folk hero of sorts. Robertson was given the “Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award” at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on February 27. When the Duck Dynasty patriarch took to the stage to receive the award, he went on a tirade about everything from STDs to the Islamic State.

“I don't want you, America, to get sick,” Robertson said. “You're disease-free, and she's disease-free — you marry, you keep your sex right there. You won't get sick from a sexually transmitted disease.” He adds, “There is a penalty to be paid from what the beatniks, and it morphed into the hippies — you say, what do you call the 110 million with the sexually transmitted illness? It is the revenge of the hippies! Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll have come back to haunt us in a bad way.”

The main gist of his message seems to be that Americans should marry their sexual partners and abstain from having sex outside of marriage. “You want a godly, biblical, medically safe option? One man, one woman — married for life," he said. "I'm trying to help you for crying out loud, America! If I didn't care about you, why would I bring this up? I wouldn't care!”

Robertson also went off on a bizarre tangent where he compared the Islamic State to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. According to Robertson, all three wanted territorial conquest, killed people, and didn't believe in Jesus. “Some people studied the Constitution to uphold it. But there are some who study it so that they can circumvent it, right? Stand on the Bible. Stand on the Constitution. Don't budge. Hold onto your weapons,” Robertson said.

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