Phil Robertson a No-Show at Duck Dynasty Musical Premiere at Casino

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Phil Robertson must carefully pick and choose where he shows his face. While the rest of his family turned out for the opening of a Vegas musical production based on the family, Phil Robertson may have decided that a room full of theatre types just wasn't going to be very welcoming for him.

The Duck Commander Musical, put on by several well-known Broadway backers, including the group behind "Jersey Boys," premiered Wednesday at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. The music production haas been described as alternating "between something akin to a live-action commercial celebrating the family business to a mostly cheery singing and dancing scrapbook of their tight-knit journey."

While some of the production sounds like Hee Haw-style fare, including fart jokes from Uncle Si, there are songs. Most are sincere message material with lines such as "there's no time for rest, this is my quest," and "be yourself in camouflage."

But there is a big, "happy" number complete with sequins and high-kicking dancers. Talk about your juxtapositions. Maybe there is a joke here at the expense of Phil Robertson, et al: a musical production, with "French Mistake"-esque numbers, held in a casino -- yet all about a man who is outspoken in his disdain for gay people.

Then again, Willie Robertson and his wife Korie were heavily involved in the production.

“We had a lot of involvement with it in the direction, especially the tone and how it went,” Willie Robertson told the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“[Faith] is the most important thing in our lives, in everything we do from the TV show to our books to the musical –we want that to be first and foremost,” Korie said.

“So the very first song is called ‘Faith, Food and Family’ it starts out talking about what’s important to our family. You see it all the way through with the decisions we make and when we go to God in prayer through out all of it. The musical is not preachy at all.”

“Hopefully, we give glory and honor to God in all that we do - in the decisions we make and the way we live our lives and the way we try to shine our light and I think that comes through in the musical,” Korie added.

It is an odd pairing. But if it gets the fanbase of Duck Dynasty into a casino in plain view of the rest of their friends, it may be onto something.

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