Phil Collins Donates Artifacts To The Alamo

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Rock legend Phil Collins recently donated his extensive collection of Alamo artifacts to the museum that is located at the historic site in San Antonio, Texas.

The Alamo is owned by the state of Texas and visited by millions of people every year. Collins and the people who operate the site are hoping to build a visitor's center that will also be used as an expansion for the museum.

Collins donated several truckloads of items to the museum, including a musket ball pouch believed to have belonged to Davy Crockett. His entire collection contains 204 pieces of Alamo artifacts.

He said that while the donation will help, they museum still needs more donations to hang and display at the new museum.

The museum is also in need of monetary donations in order to have the funds to start construction of a visitor’s center.

“We need contributions to build the center,” he said in a press release.

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said that the new visitor’s center will be a real treat for tourists and locals alike, but admitted that it could take over five years to raise the funds, design and build the center.

The location of the new center is still undecided but Patterson added that once built, they will likely charge admission to help fund the upkeep of the museum and visitor’s center. He did not say how much the admission price would cost or if it will apply to the actual Alamo as well.

The current Alamo site is free to the public and a popular tourist attraction.

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