Pharrell Badly Wants Hillary Clinton For President


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Let the celebrity endorsements begin.

In an interview with GQ magazine, singer, rapper, and producer Pharrell Williams said he loves the idea of Hillary Clinton possibly running for President in 2016, and if she does run, she has his full support.

Plus, Williams believes the former First Lady is going to win. He almost guarantees it.

"Let me tell you why Hillary's going to win," said Williams.

"Everywhere you go in this country, you have red and blue. You got the Democrats; you got the Republicans. You got the Blood; you got the Crips. Everything is red and blue in this country. You know what else is red and blue? Blood. Blood is blue in your body until air hits it, and then it turns red."

"That means there's unity," he added. "There's gonna be unity, so when you think about a night where there's a late-night talk show hosts and it's mostly women, that's a different world, right? A world where 75 percent of the prime ministers and the presidents were women....That's gonna happen, and it's gonna happen when Hillary wins."

In addition, the 40 year old Virginia Beach native said Hillary's potential presidential run represents a changing of the guards in America--just like Obama's victory did--and he also believes that more people want change in this country than not, and it's that collective desire that will put Hillary in the oval office, says Williams.

Plus, he says that he loves Bill Clinton and he's happy that the American people could possibly have both minds running the country.

"I can't say but so much, but Hillary's gonna win," he stated. "Trust me, and it's a two-for-one: Bill is the coolest dude in the game. Still plays saxophone, and every woman in the world wants him. It's a two-for-one.....Everybody laughed at me when I said Obama was going to win, but I knew what he represented. But I know what Hillary represents: She represents a woman in power, and she did great as the Secretary of State. She's gonna win."

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