Phaedra Parks Responds to Fraud Rumors in Affidavit

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Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Phaedra Parks recently came forward stating that she had no involvement in any fraudulent acts.

Parks' husband, Apollo Nida, is currently facing prison time for identity theft, stolen cars, and bank frauds if he doesn't reach a plea deal by April 25.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Parks has appeared to be quite calm about the matter. So, it's no surprise that at least one person would be a little suspicious about Parks' impartiality.

One published author asserts that the RHOA celebrity was the mastermind behind all of it and not Nida-as many have claimed.

Angela Stanton, the writer of Lies of a Real Housewife, argues that her former friend and lawbreaking partner certainly played a major part in Nida's swindles.

In the book, Stanton mentions how the “crooked snake” and her hubby were both in charge of a “criminal enterprise.”

The allegations were soon followed by a defamation lawsuit after the book was published in 2o12.

New information now displays Parks' response to the rumors.

She decided to defend her reputation in an affidavit, which was filed March 31 in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Parks plans to use the court documents as evidence against Stanton.

According to the written statement:

Due to the falsity of the material in the book, and to protect her reputation, on or about September 26, 2012, [Parks] filed a defamation action against [Stanton].

Stanton knew the statements she made about the plaintiff were false when she made them. I have no knowledge of or connection with any ‘bank fraud scheme and was never involved in any criminal enterprise with [Stanton].

I have never been arrested for a crime or charged with any crime, I have never been questioned by any law enforcement agency about any possible involvement in a crime. I have never been involved in any criminal schemes with Defendant Stanton or anyone else. I have never committed any crime other than routine traffic violations.

What do you think? Is Parks really capable of fraud?

Well, if so, that's surely not how a ‘southern belle' is supposed to conduct oneself.

View Part One of Stanton's tell-all interview:

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