Peyton Manning Still Answering for Mooning Someone in 1996

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Peyton Manning, fresh from the exhilaration of his team's Super Bowl win, is still answering for a foolish prank he pulled back in 1996. While at the University of Tennessee, the Broncos quarterback mooned a teammate, unintentionally exposing his hind quarters to former trainer Dr. Jamie Naughright. Naughright filed charges against the school, claiming Peyton Manning “forcefully maneuvered his naked testicles and rectum directly” onto her face.

Manning described the incident in a much different way. He maintains a teammate made a comment about his then-girlfriend (now his wife) that riled the quarterback.

“After hearing this comment, I pulled down my shorts for about one second to expose my buttocks to him, or is as colloquially know, to ‘moon’ him,’’’ Manning testified in 2003, when Dr. Naughright filed a defamation lawsuit against not only Peyton Manning, but his father and the author of their 2001 book, Manning: A Father, His Sons, and a Football Legacy, because the book contained an account of the mooning incident.

“I immediately pulled my shorts back up while [Naughright] continued to examine my foot,” Manning testified. “My shorts were never down farther than exposing my buttocks. I did not pull them down to my ankles.”

Naughright already received $300,000 from the University of Tennessee in 1997, in a settlement.

So why is this back in the news now?

It seems the University of Tennessee has a history of sexual harassment violations throughout the past 20 years. A recent report on these violations brought Peyton Manning's mooning incident back into the limelight. That said, his old testimony stemming from that incident was unsealed. Many reading it for the first time expect it happened more recently.

It didn't.

Peyton Manning isn't mooning people in locker rooms at the age of 39--or if he is, he's extra cautious with regard to whom his moon is directed.

What do you make of Peyton Manning's 1996 mooning incident? Is it a bit sad that old rather harmless transgressions can crop up 20 years after the fact? Do you think this is in any way raining on Peyton Manning's parade?

Not likely.

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