Peyton Manning is Better Than Brady, Says Talib

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When the best quarterbacks in the NFL are discussed, it’s no surprise that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are often mentioned. But the debate over who is better out of the two is not so easy to decide.

Former New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib, however, has weighed in on the conversation and put his two cents in, although it may be a bit biased considering he was just signed to the Denver Broncos, the team for which Manning plays.

“You gotta go Peyton Manning," Talib told the NFL Network. "Tom is a good friend of mine -- what's up Tom, baby. Manning had an awesome year. He tore it up. He like set the record for touchdowns. He beat Tom in the AFC Championship. You gotta give it to Peyton. Tom know that's my dog man, he know.”

Talib was named the 79th player in the network’s 2014 Top 100 player series and just signed a six year, $57 million deal with the Broncos. Talib replaced Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and instead of Talib, the Patriots signed Darrelle Revis.

See the quarterbacks in action:

“Bill [Belichick] sure didn’t want to give me that money so hey man, he gave it to Revis," Talib said. "It is what it is.”

Here's what Twitter had to say:

Talib will join former Patriot Wes Welker on the Broncos. Welker received much criticism for an infamous play during the championship game last year in which he collided with Talib and caused him to leave the field. Belichick was reportedly furious with Welker’s actions and even called them “deliberate.”

Talib, however, has moved passed the questionable play.

“Man, me and Wes we good, man,” he stated. “It's a football play, man. It just so happened it happened on a stage in the AFC Championship Game. I watched the play 1,000 times. I'm sure Wes didn't do it on purpose.”

Watch the play:

Who do you think is a better quarterback? Do you think the Broncos made a good decision in signing Talib? Leave your comments below!

Image via Denver Broncos, Twitter

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