Peyton Manning Carrying Green Ball, But Why?


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Peyton Manning has never been one to shy away from the media. In fact, he’s one of the most well-spoken, camera-ready athletes, which is obvious when you watch his many commercials and interviews. The Denver Broncos quarterback was tight-lipped however when reporters asked about his newest accessory – a green football.

Manning was spotted clutching the emerald-colored, Lycra-covered football during the start of the Broncos Organized Team Activities today. And although holding it while he walked over to a sea of waiting reporters, and placing it down right in front of them, the quarterback made it clear he didn’t want to talk about it.

“That’s Denver Broncos offensive business,” Manning said as he started his news conference.

Manning wasn’t the only player spotted with the bright football; his No. 1 receiver Demaryius Thomas worked with it as well.

A reporter was quick to make the connection between this football and the one Thomas was required to carry with him during part of the 2012 season, after fumbling in back-to-back games. But when he asked the former Colt, he again refused to answer.

“Like I said, that’s official Denver Broncos offensive business, right,” he stated. “It’s kind of an A and B conversation and you can C your way out of it.”

It would make sense that the team is working on its ball control skills, as Broncos players fumbled 27 times last year and lost 16 of them. Manning himself lost six fumbles, including one in the Super Bowl. The most fumbles Manning ever had in a season before this is three.

Watch the Super Bowl fumble:

So although the star is hush-hush about the reason for the fancy ball, it’s pretty clear that fumbles are a major concern, one of which offensive coordinator Adam Gase wants to address.

“Guys really hurry themselves, then all of a sudden they get a little lackadaisical with the ball,” Gase stated. “We have to do a better job as a group with that. That was a big downfall for us early, where the ball was on the ground way too much. It’s almost two seasons in a row and we have to address that right away. We’ve got to be so much better as far as holding onto the ball as a group.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons