Pep up your productivity [Infographic]


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If you feel sluggish and lazy at work, this next one's for you. It comes to us from and features some excellent ways to put some pizazz back in your workday and possibly make your boss a little happier with your performance at the same time.

Did you know that exercise can have a great impact on how you function both physically and mentally? Of course you do, but you refuse to exercise anyway. Recent research suggests that people who exercise can experience improved concentration and motivation. They can also cope with stress, deadlines, socializing, and prioritizing better. So that sounds like something worth looking into, doesn't it?

If that stuff really doesn't interest you, think about this: Not exercising or eating healthy can lead to you being an unproductive, sluggish, and underpaid worker. That sounds worse. If you care about yourself, you should take a look at this next infographic, it gives you all kinds of strategies on how to be healthy, productive, and possibly wealthier.

Take a look: