People Are Outraged at Kmart's Plan to Remain Open All Thanksgiving Day

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Mega retailers being open for part of Thanksgiving Day is nothing new, but usually stores close for a few hours so employees can get in a little guaranteed family time. Kmart added a twist in their Thanksgiving/Black Friday plans this year when they announced plans to stay open 41 hours straight, starting at 6 AM on Thanksgiving Day, November 28. And guess what? People are mad.

Some Twitter users are calling for shoppers to boycott Kmart for opening all Thanksgiving Day, which may just happen unintentionally as Kmart saw a 5.5 percent drop in sales in the first 9 months of the year. Check out some of the angry tweets Kmart has received below.

Will you do any of your holiday shopping on Thanksgiving Day? Respond below.

In all fairness, Kmart won't be the only store that will open on Thanksgiving this year, and some 24-hour Walmart stores reportedly stay open all day on Thanksgiving to avoid some of the Black Friday chaos. Even Macy's announced that they will open on Thanksgiving for the first time this year at 8 PM.

After receiving hundreds of angry tweets directed their way, Kmart responded on their Twitter page with the following:

Naturally, this was met with a lot of snarky responses.

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