Peephole Shooting Copies Movie Assassination

In a move that seems to be borrowed from a Jean Luc Goddard film, a Philadelphia man was killed by being shot in the face as he peered through the peephole in his door.

“According to family members who were in the house at the time of the shooting, there was a knock on the door,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. “The 29-year-old victim then looked through a peephole on the side of the door. When he was looking through this peephole at least two shots were fired.”

It was late Saturday night in the area of East Germantown. The man was apparently not alone in the house, but it was late at night. He heard someone at the door, went to see who it might be at that late hour, and his friends and family say he was shot in the face as he peered out.

This kind of trick was featured in the movie Fled, which starred Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin. In that film, a woman was shot through her door peephole.

A similar trick, though with more mechanisms involved, was used in Saw II. In that case, someone peeping through the peephole was killed by a gun that was triggered by someone else unknowingly turning a key in the door.

But here in the real world, another young man was shot in the same fashion in Cleveland back in 2011. In that case, security video from a bar across the street from the victim’s home helped police arrest three suspects in short order. The young man in that case was taken to the hospital with grave injuries, whereas the man in Philadelphia died instantly.

Police have not yet released the Philadelphia man’s identity.

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