Paula Patton: Will Robin Thicke "Get Her Back"?


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I can’t say for certain what’s going through Paula Patton’s mind as I’m not psychic.

If her thoughts at present were somewhere between “WTF?!” and wondering if there was a table nearby she could crawl under, then I wouldn’t be surprised.

What could spur such confusion and embarrassment? Patton’s estranged husband, Robin Thicke.

The poor man’s Justin Timberlake put out a video called “Get Her Back”, the first single off his new album called Paula.

Not one for subtlety, it seems clear that Thicke wants his woman back and will do anything to make it happen.

Even film a video of his sad puppy-face bruised and beaten.

There’s a series of text messages in the video which reflect their real life conflict and public breakup. At the end, Thicke writes the somewhat cryptic message, “This is just the beginning.”

Then the screen fades to white.


So rather than leave Patton alone to make up her own mind about her relationship, Thicke is going to publicly hound and harass her into taking him back.

It shouldn’t be surprising following a rather public display with singer Miley Cyrus that was said to be the straw that broke the camel’s back and Patton’s heart.

The actress had apparently had enough, suggesting that tension had been building quite some time.

Rather than see his own behavior as driving Patton away, Thicke is simply hoping to beg guilt harass romance Patton into forgetting why she dumped him.

Perhaps Thicke could have saved the money spent on putting out this album and just spent it on a good marriage counselor. After all, many marriages have been saved by sitting down in private with a trained professional to hash out exactly what went wrong and the role both parties played in the breakdown.

They can also guide you towards a resolution: Stay together or break up.

Contrary to what some men believe, the way to a woman's heart when you've done wrong isn't to croon them into submission in the hopes they'll overlook your hurtful behavior.

The best course of action would be to man up and take responsibility and then step back and allow your partner to make up her mind. That's probably a simpler, much more sensible way to "get her back".

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