Paula Patton Second-Guessing Joint Custody With Robin Thicke?


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While Paula Patton may no longer be talking to her estranged husband, she seems to have let slip concerns about his parenting skills.

According to OK! Magazine, a source close to the 38-year-old said she isn't sure that Thicke is up to the task of looking out for the couple's young son.

As for Patton, she always makes the effort to make sure her child is cared for.

Said the source, "Paula is always there [and if] she can’t be, then her nanny is."

Paula Patton finally filed for divorce in early October after being separated from her husband since February. The official reason was "irreconcilable differences", although cheating rumors are abound.

Despite this, it seemed that she was at least feeling amicable enough towards her 37-year-old ex to share custody.

What could have changed Paula Patton's mind in such a short window of time?

Gossip sources point to the rumors that Robin Thicke teamed with model-magnet Leonardo DiCaprio to throw a "divorce party".

One source told OK! that Thicke and Leo "were being super flirtatious and talking to tons of girls".

Robin even was said to have gotten cozy with a gorgeous brunette!

Even though Patton initiated the divorce and may even have moved on romantically, the actress is reportedly worried about the relationship her son will have with his father.

Frankly, she doesn't see him in the most responsible light.

There are reports that Paula does not approve of the increase in Robin's drinking and partying lifestyle. With a friend like DiCaprio, it's unlikely that this behavior would decrease.

This alleged change of heart has caused some to speculate as to whether or not Patton will opt to change her request for joint custody and instead seek to raise their four-year-old son by herself.

If Paula Patton changed her mind, it would be one heck of a blow to Robin Thicke, a man who spent months very publicly petitioning to get his wife back and keep his family together.

If rumors of Thicke's drinking and partying are true, should Patton seek full custody? Comment below!