Paula Patton Is Ready To Move On

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Paula Patton's love life has become much more public then she would have probably liked, but after filing for divorce from singer Robin Thicke, she might get a break and a fresh start.

Over the last few months, Robin has tried to win Paula back and has made public pleas to her and dedicated many performances and songs to her.

Paula has said over and over again that she has no desire to get back with Robin and finally filed for divorce, hoping he would get the hint.

Robin probably didn't handle the news too well, but Paula is allegedly happy that she finally made the decision to legally end her marriage to Robin and according to a source close to the actress, she is ready to move on and start over.

"Paula is doing great. She's really excited about the future," said the source.

The source went on to say that Paula even had a big divorce party a short time after filing the paperwork for the divorce, which happened earlier this month.

Another source said that although Robin was initially devastated with Paula's decision, the two have agreed that it is for the best and are getting along well and trying to get through the divorce and make things as easy as possible for their son.

"Everything is good between Paula and Robin. It really is amicable and they're getting along," the insider said.

Earlier this week it was reported that Paula was not allowing Robin to spend time with their son without supervision and while the two may be trying to keep things civil, a custody dispute could be coming as well.

Do you think divorce was the best thing for Paula and Robin?

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