Paula Patton: Has Robin Thicke Moved On To Katie Holmes?

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It looks like Paula Patton and Robin Thicke really are dunzo.

Thicke seems to have finally realized that dedicating an entire album to your departed wife after she dumps you and then going all creeper-stalker in a music video isn't the way to fix a broken marriage.

Nor is a cheesy campaign with 1-800-Flowers. Seriously, did ANYONE go for that in an effort to get back with their woman? You'd think 1-800-Flowers would have opted for someone who successfully reconciled with their wife.

It was just another aspect of Thicke's terrible public image decline which began nearly a year ago.

That bizarre spectacle with Miley Cyrus aka the MTV Video Music Awards “Blurred Lines” performance was said to be the last straw for Patton. She left him shortly afterwards.

Despite public blame for their breakup falling on that eyebrow-raising stage performance, rumor has it that Patton had finally had enough of Thicke’s behavior, which allegedly included infidelity. It certainly included some inappropriate behavior, including a scandalous groping incident.

Thicke’s new album Paula, named for his estranged wife, flopped. HARD.

Despite all the public pleas by Thicke for forgiveness, Patton appears to have remained unmoved.

Now that Thicke is facing up to the fact that he blew it with his high school sweetheart, the rumor mills have already begun pairing the brokenhearted singer up with new potential mates.

Gossip sites jumped the gun when declaring the new object of Thicke’s affection to be a bikini-clad woman he photographed with at the beach. She turned out to be a nanny.

Now the word on the street is that Thicke may have moved Katie Holmes?!

Only time will tell whether this latest rumor is remotely true. It admittedly sounds as if someone out there is throwing darts at a board marked “Most Random Hookup Suggestions Ever”.

As for Patton, she doesn't have anything lined up in the way of new beaus (that we know of), but she has been busy. Her new movie Warcraft is in post-production and she's rumored to have a role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 5.

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