Paula Patton FINALLY Responds To Robin Thicke, But It's With Divorce Papers

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Paula Patton has finally responded to Robin Thicke’s efforts to “get her back” filing for divorce!

According to an exclusive report by TMZ, Patton filed the paperwork in Los Angeles, Calif.

As for the reasons why she would be leaving Robin, Paula settled on “irreconcilable differences”. Of all recently divorcing couples, this may be the most appropriate use of the term yet.

It was pretty clear when Patton left her estranged husband last year that she was more than a little upset.

Rumors circulating at the time claim that Robin’s cringe-worthy performance with Miley Cyrus was a humiliating last straw for Paula.

Still other gossip blamed Patton’s move to leave on possible infidelity.

Whatever the truth of the matter, it was clear by Paula Patton’s departure and MONTHS of silence that she was deeply dissatisfied with her marriage.

When the 38-year-old actress left, Thicke launched a doomed campaign to repair their relationship. Rather than try to woo Patton privately, he put everything in the public eye (to an an embarrassing degree).

There were the impromptu performances of “Lost Without You” that the 37-year-old singer dedicated to his wife.

When that move wasn’t successful, he opted to name his next album Paula after his wife. That might have almost proved a touching gesture.


Unfortunately the “Get Her Back” music video happened.

It featured Robin and some naked woman that wasn’t Paula, and was considered by many to be creepy and manipulative to the point of disingenuous!

1-800-Flowers even teamed up with Thicke for a “tell her you’re sorry” promotion. You would think Paula Patton’s return to his side would signal the kind of success to earn that kind of promotion.

The gimmicks and begging did not impress the public, which soon turned on Thicke. Just a year after his breakthrough mainstream success with “Blurred Lines”, his latest album was an absolute global flop.

As for Patton? The biggest insult to an injured career was this act of filing for divorce is pretty much the first public acknowledgement that Paula has given her ex-lover since she first dumped him.

The only really positive news for Thicke following Patton's move is that she filed for joint custody of the couple's four-year-old son Julian.

Despite her personal grievances with Robin Thicke, it seems Paula Patton at least feels that he is a good enough father to help raise their child.

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