Paula Deen Working On A Return

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Paula Deen could be making a comeback after a rough year. In 2013, Deen was accused of making racial slurs and lost her contract with Food Network and many of her sponsorships. Many stores stopped carrying her merchandise and it seemed like Deen was on her way out.

Deen's determination and work ethic have always been apparent, but perhaps now more than ever, as she makes her return by starting all over again. Deen has partnered with a consumer distribution company, Najafi Media and has created a new company called Paula Deen Ventures. The new company will include products such as restaurants, cruises, cookbooks, cookware and other items that demonstrate her Southern cooking style.

Paula Deen was on top of the world until her downfall. She owned several successful restaurants, had a popular cooking show and had several lines of merchandise. Her Southern charm and big smile made her extremely likable and hard to resist. That all changed in no time after a former employee of Deen's accused her of making racial slurs and mistreating African American employees at her restaurants.

Deen denied the allegations, but the harm was done. Even after it had all blown over and in spite of support from thousands of fans, Deen became too big of a risk for any television networks or sponsors to pick up. Najafi Media didn't feel that way and were happy to help Deen make her comeback.

"Our investment allows the Paula Deen brand to expand their relationships and the partnerships that are already in place, and support those partnerships on a go-forward basis," said Najafi.

Are you excited to learn that Paula Deen is making a comeback and do you think she will become as popular as she once was?

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