Paula Deen Dodges Detractors With Digital Dishes

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Paula Deen got herself in some hot water that would not go away for weeks. Back in July of last year, some comments that Deen had made became public that showed the celebrity chef in what some saw as a racist light. Fans turned on her overnight. Sponsors pulled out from behind her show. And finally Food Network pulled the plug on her entirely.

Since then, Deen has been looking for a way to fight her way back into the light. She got some funding from an investment company. She closed a restaurant. But it looks like she has found the avenue she sought.

Deen is launching a digital cooking network online.

“I’m so excited about my new online network. Y’all can get my recipes, tips and cooking anytime you want — this is for you. I can’t wait to crank up the oven and get cooking for the people I love: my family, my friends and my fans!” Deen said in a press release.

The show will feature cooking videos, tips, and recipes. The set for the new cooking videos will be very similar to her old Food Network set, so it will look to most folks like things have picked right back up where they left off.

The network is a subscription-access tool. It will be available in the usual ways, online via browser, smartphone, tablet, etc. But the exciting prospect for Deen is that smart TVs will be able to get the show in the future.

Perhaps with a new lease on things, Deen will be able to do an end run around all those people who sent her protest mail and butter wrappers. She will be able to take her show directly to those people who want to seed it and are willing to pay to see it, her 'family, friends, and fans'.

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