Paul Walker: Vin Diesel On Fast And Furious Without Him


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The death of Paul Walker shocked everyone. Some of the people who took it the hardest were his cast members from the Fast And Furious films.

When Walker passed away, Fast And Furious 7 was still filming. It was put on hold so Walker’s family and those who had worked on the film with him had time to grieve.

After a long grieving process the producers had to decide how to handle the rest of the film without Walker.

Many of the cast members did not want to continue the film and found it very hard to be on set without Walker.

Vin Diesel was very close to Walker and recently explained how hard it was to finish the movie without him.

"It was, needless to say, the hardest movie I've ever done," Vin said. "I remember when the tragedy happened, my mother said to me, 'It's not fair that you have to mourn in front of the world."

"What's even harder is to mourn and simultaneously that the person is next to you, so every time you turn to whoever's sitting in that chair you see not Paul," he said.

“It's very, very weird," he continued. "The good thing is, because we took all the time, the movie is a true testament to everyone coming together and wanting to honor both the saga and our brother, and there's something very beautiful about that.”

Paul Walker’s brother stepped up to take his place in the remaining scenes of the film and the cast members were able to stick it out and finish the movie. Fast And Furious 7 is scheduled to be released in theaters in April 2015.

"I think Fast 7 wins Best Picture, whether we want to or not," Vin said in closing.

Do you think the Fast And Furious movie franchise will ever be the same without Paul Walker?

Image via Wikimedia Commons