Paul Simon: Newtown Victim Was A Family Friend

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Paul Simon was among the mourners at the funeral for one of the victims of last Friday's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary; teacher Vicki Soto was a family friend.

The beloved folk singer performed "The Sound Of Silence" at Soto's memorial service, which no doubt left not a dry eye among the grieving family members. The song was Soto's favorite; she died a hero after news spread of her courage in the classroom, trying to shield her students from the gunfire.

"Today, Paul Simon, at the request of their family friends, the Sotos, performed 'Sound of Silence' at the funeral for their beloved daughter Vicki Soto. The Sotos and Simons met through Vicki’s mother and Paul’s sister-in-law, both nurses," said Simon's rep.

Soto's sister Jillian gave a touching eulogy during the service, calling her big sister her hero.

“Somebody wrote me a letter about the recent tragedy that I would like to share with you: In it, it said they had to sit down with three small children, explaining to them that monsters sadly do exist out there. But they felt relief that because of my sister, they were able to tell them that superheroes also are very real. You are my superhero.”

Simon also performed the song at a memorial for the victims of 9/11.

Image: Anthony Delmundo for NewYorkDailyNews

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